Volkswagen Polo R Cup 2013 season kicks off with Drivers’ Selection

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3.Race Polo TSI are ready to test the young batch of drivers

Volkswagen Polo R Cup 2013 proceedings got underway as drivers appeared for Driver Selection round. During the two-day programme organized by Volkswagen Motorsport India, drivers were put through various tests based on which the selection committee carefully chose 13 drivers who would join previous season’s drivers to battle for the top honours in Polo R Cup 2013 season.

The preparations for the fourth season of Volkswagen Polo R Cup commenced with a two-day Driver Selection round being held at Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore. A total of 35 participants were shortlisted for the two-day programme that had all the necessary elements for gauging the performance of the participants. Applicants who had applied for the Selection Round had been suggested a pre-selection training at Meco Motorsports, where drivers could get a hands-on experience of circuit driving in a road-spec Volkswagen Polo car at their own cost. 

Day 1: First impressions of circuit driving

The participants were given a brief introduction of the Polo R Cup TDI race cars with respect to the modifications done to the car for performance as well as safety along with familiarization of controls. The participants were then put into the cars for braking and slalom exercises where their basic control on car and responsiveness were judged. Following these exercises were driving sessions around the full circuit under the guidance of Polo R Cup driver coach and multi – National Karting Champion, Rayomand Banajee and National Racing Champion, Arjun Balu. After getting enough information on racing lines, braking markers and other essential aspects of track driving, the participants were sent out for two timed sessions. At the end of the day, 24 out of 35 drivers were selected for the next day based on their outright lap times, racing lines, ability to tackle corners with technique and driving smoothness.

Day 2: Improving techniques added by fitness test

The remaining 24 drivers were put through four more driving sessions on the second day where they were yet again judged on various aspects. The most important criteria for selecting the final 14 was the willingness and readiness of the drivers to grasp and implement what the coaches had been teaching along with the criteria that were implemented the earlier day. At the end of second day, all the drivers were put through a fitness test which included muscle-strength exercises and running. This was the final factor counting in for the selection.

“It was good to see the growing enthusiasm and interest of the young talent towards Polo R Cup. We have specially considered fitness while selecting the drivers and we would emphasize on the same for higher level of competition”, said Alexander Skibbe, Head of Communications, Volkswagen Group India.

Commenting on the occasion of Polo R Cup 2013 Driver Selection, Prithviraj Siddappa, Head of Volkswagen Motorsports India, added, “We believe that the overall quality of drivers has improved and we can see that the drivers are more consistent in doing fast laps now. It is a pleasure to see the overall improvement in the standard of racing in India.”

The selected 13 drivers from the Drivers’ Selection Round for Volkswagen Polo R Cup 2013:

Sr.No. Driver Name City
1 Gowdham Raj Coimbatore
2 Rahul Gupta New Delhi
3 Karthik Tharani Chennai
4 Anshul Shah Nagpur
5 Samarth Jaiswal Mumbai
6 Adnan Lehry Chennai
7 M S Prince New Delhi
8 Siddharth Santosh Bangalore
9 Divijraj Thakran Gurgaon
10 Shivjeet Malik Gurgaon
11 Rakesh Ramkunar Chennai
12 TriVikram Toor Chandigarh
13 Gaurav Mehta Pune

Apart from the ones in the list above, five runner-ups were also selected who stand a chance of driving in championship if case of drop outs due to unforeseen circumstances.

Sr.No. Driver Name City
1 Venkatesh Shreyas Coimbatore
2 Sahil Gahuri New Delhi
3 Tanmay Ugale Ahmednagar
4 Ameet Ayare Hyderabad
5 Himanshu New Delhi
6 Naveen Pulligilla Hyderabad

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