Volkswagen plans to introduce entry level small cars in India

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Only sometime back, we posted about Nissan planning to introduce Datsun brand in India, to market entry level hatchbacks in INR 2-4 lakhs bracket. Now, the news is that German biggie Volkswagen is soon coming up with its own low-priced small cars that will be sold in developing markets like India. “In India, we are building the Vento and a localized version of the Polo which costs only about EUR7,000,” Ulrich Hackenberg told a German magazine. “The trick is finding the right amount of content to take out of the car to make it affordable.” he said.

We are still wondering if the low priced cars being talked about have anything to do with the upcoming Volkswagen Up!. Many believe that the low priced VWs will be sold under a different brand name that will be brought to the country for sales and service of ‘not so premium’ VW cars. While people at Maruti Suzuki might be a worried lot after hearing this news, we are happy that the car scene is getting better and better in our market. Stay tuned for more on this. 


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