Volkswagen planning Polo based compact crossover

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The tech boffins at VW are hard at work developing the 2014 Polo. But that’s old news. What’s fresh is the news and rendering of a compact SUV / crossover based on the hatchback brought to light by our friends at Autoevolution. Apart from the Polo based crossover, there would be another such vehicle based on the Up! hatchback too, (dear lord!), but not much is available on the vehicle.

The new, 2014 Polo, meant to be running on the MQB platform (we’re already bored using that word) will spawn the aforementioned crossover. We’d rather not call it a proper SUV as it would essentially have the running gear of a hatch with alterations made to tackle rougher surfaces. It would, however, be much better than something like a Fabia Scout which is more of a visual ‘off-road’ classification than a functional one. Transmission duties are expected to be handled by the delightful double clutch DSG, along with an AWD system on top variants. There may be a lower specced (for starving nations like ours) variant as well with 2WD and a stick shifter.

No prizes for guessing which vehicles the crossover would be pitted against. Vehicles like the upcoming Ford Ecosport and Renault Duster (price wise) in India would be the vehicles within the new vehicle’s crosshairs.

No official timelines for the launch have been announced. The 2014 Polo, however, in all probability, would precede it. We expect to get definitive info on the offshoot sometime by mid 2013. Keep coming back for more dope.

Image: Autoevolution

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