VIDEO: Volvo V40 Pedestrian Airbag system

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Volvo cars have always been known for the safety on offer. In an event of a crash, while the safety of passengers has always been taken care of, Volvo had introduced world’s fist pedestrian airbag. This airbag made its debut on the V40 hatchback unveiled at Geneva Motor show. 

A Volvo spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘When a pedestrian is hit along the width of the front bumper beam, the airbag is activated from the lower part of the windscreen and lifts the rear edge of the bonnet to create additional free space in the engine compartment.”

If Volvo is to be believed, this new system can save up to 85 per cent of all lives claimed by all accidents. Production of this car will start in May 2012. 

Here is a video clip on the Passenger Airbag system:

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