Video: Volar-E all electric supercar revealed

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Think twice, no, thrice before you write off another electric vehicle thinking that it is as boring as a washing machine. The Volar-E electric supercar (yes, you read electric and supercar in same line) that was recently unveiled has a max power output of 1000 bhp and a peak torque output of 737 lb-ft. The car was revealed after it was recently tested at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain.

The Volar-E is based on the Rimac Concept One and is powered by four electric motors that have a combined output of 1,000 HP-737 lb-ft. Apple+Idiana claim that the Volar-E is the world’s most powerful EV.

Speaking of the performance figures, the Volar-E can dismiss 100kmph from standstill in merely 3.4 seconds and hit a top whack of 300 kmph within 12.1 seconds.

The Electric supercar has a carbon fibre body and a tubular chromium-molybdenum chassis and the car’ 35 kWh battery can be fully charged in just 15 to 20 minutes!

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