Video: Salt the solution to de-ice snowy roads, says a new study

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Salt the solution to de-ice snowy roads

Snow covered roads in cold countries have always been a hazard for motorists. Thousands of accidents take place every year due to the low traction and boggy conditions created by snowfall. It seems like the solution to the problem is pretty simple though. A study conducted by Marquette University has found that de-icing roads with salt reduces accidents by 88% and injuries by 85%. This could be an easy, effective and inexpensive way to save hundreds of lives and prevent thousands of injuries every year.

Road salt is also much cheaper. When snow and ice make roads impassable, it can cost state economies as much as $700 million a day to deal with it. Using salt can mitigate those losses greatly. De-icing with salt takes as little as 25 minutes ensuring great value and speedy de-icing.

We hope and wish the government in cold countries take this research seriously and implement it after conducting feasibility studies to not only save hundreds of injuries and casualties, but millions of dollars too.  Here’s a video.

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