Video: Porsche celebrates the arrival of the 2013, 991-series 911

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If ever a sports car in the history of automobiles were to be honored for staying true to its heritage, both in terms of design and values, it’ll have to be the Porsche 911. Every time you look at a new generation model, you wonder what has changed, and yet, the Stuttgart based carmaker manages to push the envelope further, refining the 911 that little bit more, adding some more excitement, some more finesse, some more thrill to the nameplate which has already become an unparalleled legend.

Joining the rich heritage of the 911 model range is the all-new, 991 series 911. You would be surprised, but the new car is only the third grounds-up model in 911’s history, even though the nameplate has been around for seven generations now.  Over the past 48 years, the 911 has assimilated boundless knowledge and learnings within its timeless design. Porsche wants to celebrate that purity of 911 as a brand, and its own unflinching commitment towards making the most unadulterated breed of sports cars, year after year! Check out this video celebrating the company’s love for the legend that the 911 has become over the generations. Say hello to the new 991-series 911.

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