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The gorgeous Fiat Linea has been in the international market since 2007 and it is high time the Italian manufacturer comes up with a Linea refresh. As expected, Fiat Linea has got a new fascia with a new bumper, grille and a lip spoiler. Also, the car gets revived rear bumper and tail lamps. Fiat has done away with the Audi-ish ‘Bulgarian beard’ and the Linea gets a grille that reminds us of last generation Hyundai Verna. The refreshed Linea was launched at the Turkish market today and is expected to come to our shores by the end of this year. The 2013 version of Linea was recently introduced in Turkey with engine options carried over from the earlier version of the car.The insides get a new dash with lighter tones and we also expect the new upholstery to be more premium.


It may be noted that Linea has never managed to take the upper C segment in India by storm and has been plagued due to poor after sales support being offered by the venture between Tata and Fiat. Some cases have surfaced where Tata dealers have been dishing out step motherly treatment towards Fiat car. However, lining on the clouds is that Fiat is reconsidering the deal with the Indian manufacturer and might break up from the JV. Fiat is gradually getting aggressive with its Indian operations by offering the latest variants of its cars and is also working on building a better perception in the eyes of the public. Fiat recently decided to sell its cars from its own dealerships and the manufacturer finally seems to be pretty serious for the Indian market.


Check out the video from the guys at Fiat-

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  • Ivan says:

    nice looking bike… hey KTM why not bring in the bigger cousins of this bike here… 🙂

    i agree the bike is superb if priced under 1.25 lacs it will rock

  • Deepak Dongre says:

    How I wish (though sounding greedy) it would have been a 250. The first question would have been "CBR? Err…whats that?" 😉

  • RoadRunner says:

    Bye Bye FZ…

  • Viper says:

    Bring it on! just be a few thousand lesser to a lakh as possible, no more. And this will be India's 2 wheeled 'Swift' success story. thye wont be able to make enough for the next 10 years!!!