Video: Ford India highlights the advantages of Fiesta Powershift

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Automatics transmissions are often associated with slow shift times, low fuel efficiency, high maintenance and a boring drive. Ford India however, with their new Powershift technology believe that they have rewritten the rulebook for the sub 15 lakh segments. The dual clutch transmission is ahead of its peers and even costlier cars by leaps and bounds. The only other such transmission system available to the buyers in the mainstream car segments is DSG dual clutch automatic, available at the least price on the Skoda Laura, a car with a ex-showroom sticker price of more than 15 Lakh rupees.

During the launch of the Fiesta Powershift automatic, Ford India officials ran the media through a series of videos. These animation videos were meant to bust some popular myths about automatic transmissions while also highlighting the advantages offered by the new dual clutch gearbox. The Powershift auto on the Fiesta delivers quicker gearshifts, zero maintenance and fuel efficiency which is at par with its manual variant. All those properties are quite in contrast with what conventional transmission systems stand for.

Here we have some videos explaining the advantages of the Ford Powershift dualclutch transmission, its advantages over a conventional tranny and how it puts to rest the conventional wisdom about automatics.

1.    Automatics are fuel guzzlers – The ARAI rating for the Fiesta 1.5 Powershift fuel efficiency is 16.97kmpl which is at par with its manual variant

2.    Automatics are expensive to run and maintain – The Powershift automatic won’t require you to touch the transmission for 2,40,000 km or 10 years.  It won’t even require you to refill oil.

3.    Creep Forward function – doesn’t require you to accelerate in bumper to bumper traffic, just lift your foot off the brake and car will creep forward automatically

4.    Hill Launch Assist / Grade Assist – Hill launch prevents the car from rolling back while driving uphill, Grade assist helps you maintain constant speed while driving downhill without having to apply brakes

5.    Quickness / smoothness – Unlike traditional transmissions which are slow and noisy, the powershift shifts gears much more quickly, and smoothly.

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