Video- Check out this 2013 BMW M5 with a six speed manual ‘box

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bmw m5 manual review

Regulars here would remember that the BMW M5 left us grinning from ear to ear for next few days when we first took it out for drive review. While driving the M5 is something which has been ticked off on our “things-to-do-before-dying” list, we really can’t help but crave for more of it.

Now that we are still sometime away from driving the mighty M5 again, we can’t do anything but wait for our lady luck to smile at us again. What we also can do is to check out the M5 in this Winding Roads POV, which is probably the closest thing to actually driving the car.

What is even better is that the car in this video is not a standard 2013 BMW M5 with an eight speed self-shifting transmission. Instead, this one has a six-speed manual ‘box.

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