Video and more pics of 2014 Toyota Corolla

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It is being said that Japanese auto giant Toyota will lift the wraps off the all new 2014 Toyota Corolla on June 6. The news is courtesy Toyota USA’s official Facebook page and almost the entire world is excited to have a look at the next gen Corolla. It may be noted that the Corolla has been among the most successful brands to have ever come from Toyota and until recently, used to be the undisputed leader in its segment of US car market.


Regulars here would remember that we reported in detail when some “leaked images” of the next gen Corolla surfaced on the cyber space and what we have here today is a video that is from the guys who made a 3D model of the new Corolla.

If the leaked pics and this video are anything to go by, the new car can be expected to come with a softer exterior styling with design cues taken from the Corolla Furia Concept. Regulars here would remember that we reported in detail when Toyota gave us a glimpse of the next gen Corolla by coming out with the Furia Concept.

Powering the new 2014 Toyota Corolla could be a 1.8-liter four-cylinder petrol engine that would benefit from the VVT-i tech (what else?). The car could come mated to a new CVT ‘box. The India spec car would of course get a 6-speed manual transmission.

We so want the new Corolla to be fun to drive and come to us soon after its public debut.

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