Valvoline Cummins Limited opens new manufacturing and packaging facility

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Valvoline Cummins Limited, a joint venture formed in 1998 between Ashland Inc. and Cummins India Limited, announced the commencement of a new manufacturing and packaging plant in the Ambernath Industrial Area on the outskirts of Mumbai. The new plant would see production of Valvoline automotive lubricants for industrial, heavy-duty markets and end consumers.

The new plant is built on a budget of US$ 30 million spanning 10 acres and extends the Valvoline’s in-house production capabilities and the ability to deliver quick, localized technical services to Indian consumers, South Asian markets and other neighbouring countries. Initial production capacity of the plant is capped at an annual 120 million litres with a future capacity of 150 million. The new plant would see simultaneous measuring, blending and automated batch blending of oil products for engine, gear, hydraulic, transmission and industrial use.

“Western India is a manufacturing hub that has the largest consumption of industrial lubricants among all regions,” said Sam Mitchell, president of Ashland Consumer Markets, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc. and the producer of Valvoline branded products. “We are excited about the growth opportunities provided by this new manufacturing and packaging facility. We believe that investing in technology and innovation helps deliver what our customers need – a competitive advantage in a growing market.”

“Our customers know that the Valvoline brand stands for superb performance and reliability, and they trust us to provide the most consistent, high-quality lubricants and technological innovations available,” said Naveen Gupta, managing director of Valvoline Cummins Limited. “Our new manufacturing facility will play a major role in these efforts and will expand our in-house, local production capabilities to meet the growing needs of regional customers.”

“We are thrilled about the new facility opening and we are looking forward to our continued growth in the Indian market,” said Sandeep Kalia, CEO of Valvoline Cummins Limited. “The new plant will enable us to provide our customers with additional innovative solutions and products to improve business results. Through this project, Cummins and Valvoline are once again partnering to provide valuable solutions for our customers.”

Also Valvoline Cummins Limited recently opened a Valvoline Lube Station, a new Valvoline lubricant training center in Pune at the Cummins Sales and Service Tech Center to train on-site Cummins engineers and technicians covering aspects of engine lubrication and maintenance. They are briefed in detail on approval and recommendations of Valvoline Premium Blue diesel oil by Cummins for their commercial fleet vehicles. Also interactive information kiosks have been setup as part of the hands on learning experience alongwith models of lubricated engines.

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