Uttar Pradesh cops riding high on Honda CBR 250R

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If you have always pictured a cop riding an old and aging pushrod engined Royal Enfield, then you need to have a reality check. We have seen cops on Bajaj Pulsars and TVS Fieros but this news has really taken us by a pleasant surprise. We are still amazed by the fact that the Uttar Pradesh Police force is using Honda CBR250R bikes for daily duties. It is being said that the (in)famous ex UP CM Mayawati had ordered for purchase of 15000 bikes for the Police force during her tenure. Along with CBR250R, this lot includes Hero Karizma and Honda Stunner. Out-running the police gets even tougher!

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  • Asim Arun says:

    how many cops together are best for patrolling?
    Difficult question as different situations require different responses.
    In UK even the patrol cars have only one Cop!
    But that's b'coz they have so many cars that they can't put more than one cop per shift in them.
    In our case, we like 2 man patrols on bikes and the overall tactics is designed with this basic fact in mind.
    However, a patrol response in more than just the lone vehicle in sight. It is a large collection of response units including QRTs (6 men) Ambulance, Cranes, etc and all of them work together with the faith that when in need the friends will always rush in.

  • Sudhakar Sharma says:

    “We are happy with them except that there are some limitations- they are v uncomfortable for the pillion. Which means they cannot be used for our standard 2 man patrols. “
    Hi Asim….the above statement got my attention as you mentioned that the bike is not good enough to seat two security personnel. In this case, are we not compromising with the effectiveness of policing because in a challenging situation, this single guy on a bike cannot do much tactically as he needs to maintain the control of the bike and also deal with the threat and there might by bad guys on the other bike shooting at him freely. This bike will definitely lift the image of Agra police and their support and friendliness to the tourism; however my personal feeling is that any security officer’s first role is to be dealing with any threat situation in a most effective manner and putting a single guy on a bike seems to be defeating the purpose. Even during escorting VIPs, I would consider two guys on the bike, one maintaining the control and other being very vigilant of the surroundings and equipped appropriately. Though, in many movies and TV footage I have seen single security personnel on a bike but never been in favour of this. Now, I’m no security expert like you and you would any day know better but I just thought of raising my concerns.

  • Asim Arun says:

    Sushant Gaur, Amit Kakran, do check this out

  • Asim Arun says:

    The Sub Inspector on the left (UP80 AG 0289) is Sushant Gaur who designed the graphics for the bikes and the Indigo following them.
    We bought just 2 of these bikes on a trial basis for Agra tourism Police last year (2011).
    We are happy with them except that there are some limitations- they are v uncomfortable for the pillion. Which means they cannot be used for our standard 2 man patrols.
    But they are good for tourism police duties which mainly involve guiding people around or piloting VIPs or visiting delegations. Earlier we had to deploy a 4 wheeler now just a bike and one constable suffice.
    Honda doesn't supply them in white but they agreed to our special request and enabled us to use 3M stickers to create the High Visibility Graphics.