US dealers sue Mahindra & Mahindra

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M&M surely loves remaining in news. This time though, it is for the wrong reason. It may be noted that the largest utility vehicle maker in India and the largest truck manufacturer in the world has been postponing the launch of its products in the US market since quite some time now. This has surely not gone down too well with the dealers the automaker has appointed in US and these dealers have filed a lawsuit against M&M for these delays, misrepresentation and conspiracy. These have allegedly caused the dealers a loss of about $60 million

As per the case filed, M&M has failed to meet their promise that their light trucks and SUVs were ready for delivery. However, the consignments of the above have not reached the dealers for sale in US market yet. The dealers say that M&M delayed some of the required paperwork for the sale of their vehicle even when it had charged the dealership fees in 2004. A case has been filed against Mahindra and Mahindra Limited and Mahindra USA in the US District Court in Atlanta by dealers in New Hampshire, Florida, California, New Jersey and Washington.


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  • Sunil Kololgi says:

    Abuse of the legal system

  • Satyanarayan Doraiswami says:

    FB for connecting on issues like this!!! That is a first!!!