Upcoming Porsche 960 Supercar to Challenge Ferrari F12

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We reported in detail when it first emerged that an all new Porsche supercar, which will target the Ferrari 458 Italia, is in the pipeline. Now, it has come to our knowledge that the upcoming Porsche supercar that would sit between the 911 and the upcoming 918 Spyder will rival the Ferrari F12 instead of the 458.

Speaking of Porsche’s plans to combat with the 458, a source at the German car maker said, “We are still thinking of a car between 911 and [upcoming] 918, but I think with the 458 we can fight against that with the next 911 Turbo, that’s no problem.”

“It’s the same power level. But there will be more a car that can fight against the [Ferrari] F12.” He further added.

The Ferrari F12 is powered by a 544KW-690Nm, 6.3-litre, V12 motor that makes the F12 the fastest production spec Ferrari. The Porsche F12 beater is likely to head to production only after 2017.

“[The F12 fighter] could be something like this [a successor to 959], but normally we would say the 959 and Carrera GT are the predecessors of the 918, because they showed the latest technology. And that’s the same for the 918.”

Porsche has also said that the upcoming supercar (codename 960) won’t use a an eight-cylinder horizontally opposed – ‘boxer’ – engine. Also, the Porsche super car won’t use next gen R8’s platform.

Instead, Porsche is likely to use a new platform and a turbocharged V10 from VW Group to match the V12-powered F12.

“We are integrated in the Volkswagen Group but I think we will [continue to] build our own cars. There is a share of some parts and some experience, so on, but you will see this [example of Porsche being a Porsche] when we enter Le Mans next year. This [race car] will not be an Audi [Le Mans car] with a Porsche shape. It’s a real Porsche.”

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