Upcoming Honda Amaze to come with Heat Absorbing Windscreen

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Sunfilms are fast becoming a thing of the past. What with the crackdown by traffic cops, all over the country, on all cars with the “dark glasses” in the pretext of safety precaution?

While the ban on sunfilms not just hampers the privacy one might want inside the confines of his or her car, ban on sunfilms also means that no one can save the interiors of your car from becoming an oven during the Great Indian Summers.

Honda has come up with an answer to this with the all new Amaze sedan. The Brio based sedan comes fitted with heat absorbent windscreen that can keep the interiors from becoming unbearably hot and on the same time, is absolutely legal to use.

What is surprising is that no other car manufacturer in India could think of using heat absorbent glass on its cars. Heat absorbent glasses are nothing new and were first developed more than half a century ago.

The windscreen on Amaze prevents IR and other visible spectrums of light to filter thru it. This means that the windscreen not just prevents heat from entering the cabin during summers but also prevents the cabin heat to escape out during winters.


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