Two tone Vespa LX125 scooters available at some dealerships for extra price

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A few days back we stumbled upon these special appearing LX125 scooters while passing by a Vespa showroom. Now we had heard about some dealers selling those special colors, but we were still curious and wanted to find out in more detail, and of course click some pictures. The salesman told us that these color schemes were not official, and that the dealership was offering the two-tone scheme all by itself for an extra price of Rs 6,000. Panels of the demanded color are ordered, and then used to deliver the desired two tone scheme to the customers.

The replaced panels on the scooter include the front fender, central portion of the apron, headlamp, glove-box panel, panel above the footboard meeting the seat platform, rear mud-flap and lower outline of the engine cover. The final product looks rather nice and should appeal to quite a few customers who want to add a dash of further exclusivity to their retro looking (and expensive) ride.

For those who like the concept, but find the Rs 6k price tag a rather steep, should look for people who may want to partner them for a panel exchange while buying the scooter. The dealership would do the swapping for you, charging only the labor cost.

In addition, we also found these Vespa branded open face helmets which we reckon would look rather cool when matched or contrasted with the scooter’s color scheme. Yours for Rs 2650.

Quite an interesting find, isn’t it?

Honda Activa 125 Premium Edition
Honda Activa 125 Premium Edition Side
Honda Activa 125 Premium Edition Grey
Honda Activa 125 Premium Edition Front
triumph-1901-prototype 01

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  • Anshul says:

    Its a very nice idea by the dealer.This will certainly increase the appeal of the scooter.