TVS Indonesia flags off four Apache RTRs on their 8000 kms expedition

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Four riders were flagged off by Mr. R. Anandakrishnan- President Director of PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia, embarking on their 8000 kms journey to the island of Sumatra.

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Out on an expedition called Saptaranu Nusantaride which means exploration of the seven lakes, would see the four riders i.e. Riza Amrullah, Andry Berlianto, Jeremiah Exlesia “Rere” Imad Theorandaru and Adi, exploring the seven largest lakes on the island of Sumatra. Spanning over 50 days, the riders would transverse 8000 kms between lake to lake and their surroundings, meeting TVs motorcycle enthusiasts and members of the TVS Motor Community on the way. Also they will be passing through several dealerships as a part of TVS’ brand promotion campaign.

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Majorly sponsored by TVS Motor Company Indonesia, the riders have managed to garner sponsorship from riding gear manufacturers and road safety authorities. The journey that includes riding to remote places negotiating broken countryside terrain, the four TVS Apache RTR 180s have been customized accordingly for the expedition. As the photographs reveal, the bikes are shod with dual purpose tyres, touring screens, hand guards, modified seats, panniers and racks to hold essentials for the 50 day outing. In fact 2 of the bikes have been retrofitted with spoked wheels. We like it!

TVS RTR Indonesia

“TVS Motor is the most trusted brand in its home country, India. Through this, the Saptaranu expedition team will prove the toughness of TVS Apache RTR brand as one of the sports venture of TVS Motor Company. The toughness of the TVS Apache RTR will be proven as it will ride through obstacles and poor road conditions through difficult and remote terrain,” said R. Anandakrishnan.

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A journey of 8000 kms in Sumatra is a commendable feat considering it doesn’t consistently have the best of road surfaces and we wish all the four riders the very best on their exploration on two wheels.


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  • How did the windshield. Do you have another picture

  • saptaranu says:

    Dear Administrator, it would be best if everyone have information from both sides. Andre Prayhard copied the idea from this link: and claimed that it was his genuine idea. He said that he ‘wish’ to travel to those lakes. ‘Wish’ is totally different with ‘Idea’. He called-off from the team himself after spreading a confidential document property of the team. He also cannot be able to be part of the team as he is having the law issue for a stolen motorcycle. Saptaranu is not seven lakes journey in Sumatra Island. It is a seven stages of exploring Indonesian lakes. Hope this clarifies.

  • Deepak Mirwall says:

    Sorry to say that the journey is a copied from someone else idea, firstly they invited as well the owner of the idea to persuade TVS and other sponsor with his detailed plan of expedition but then they left behind without a reason except for selfishness. Dont worry my facebook friend Andre Prayhard, you’ll achieve something more than that.