Track report : Buddha International Circuit

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First look at the Buddh circuit in Greater Noida, inaugurated today and one will be hard pressed to find a fault. The first thing to notice will probably be that the scale of the whole thing is nothing short of XXXL (if any such size ever existed). Simply speaking, the entire set up is just massive. The 5 km of track is constructed as a major part of the 2500-acre Jaypee Greens Sports City. Now, with the huge grandstands in place, the track looks as impressive as any new international venue.

Coming to the surface of the track, surprisingly one of the smoothest around; surprising if we take into the account that we have what are among the worst roads in the world.  Indian F1 driver Narain Karthikeyan commented that it is one of the smoothest tracks he’s driven on and speeds as high as 320kph should be very much possible. The spectators did notice that the Red Bull car did sound fantastic being driven around there on the new track, especially with all the elevation changes built artificially into the track.


Latest Tecpro barriers can be found on the circuit. These are much safer than a bunch of old tires tied together, there is a large drainage system built around the circuit and the kerbs themselves are well drained too, so flooding during wet races have been dealt with.

One of the other things one can’t miss is the huge main grandstand; and it looks simply…well…err….’grand’. JP says it is the largest in the world. One can also have a look at the track from the picnic stand which is one of the cheapest at Rs 2500. But unfortunately, it is sold out.

There was reportedly plenty of post-construction dust around the facility, but a massive clean-up is under process and by race day it should look as new as a freshly manufactured specimen of a Car. Ultimately, we have to reserve our final comments before we can see the proceedings on the race day but it will be injustice to Jaypee if we don’t say that Jay-Pee has done a commendable job.

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