Toyota looking all set to re-gain world No.1 spot

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After a roller coaster ride in recent times, Toyota is now confident of re-gaining the crown of world’s no. 1 automobile manufacturer. Toyota was seen enjoying the numero uno status from 2008 to 2010 before natural disasters made a huge negative impact on the Japanese car maker’s profits.

However, Toyota looks all set to climb back to the top position. Sales figures show that Toyota leads GM by as much as 300,000 vehicles and VW Group by 520,000 vehicles. Industry experts say that Toyota has bounced back stronger than expected. Toyota is already ahead of GM in 2012 car sales and it won’t be an easy task for GM to overtake Toyota this year.


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  • rahul says:

    hope all the major cities get a track.. I don't wish F1/mottogp standard but atleast a decent track where everyone could fulfill their wished..