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January 24, 2017 at 8:45 pm #267295

Cars. If you are reading this, for you cars probably mean a lot more than just four wheels of transportation. For petrol-heads like us, cars and bikes mean an extension of ourselves. We follow each and every car launch, read about them, discuss it’s pros and cons and form an opinion about them. We compare the features of cars with it’s competitors. However, there is something about cars (and bikes) which is beyond bhp and options list. The ‘X’ factor of a car. The soul. Something which makes us fall in love with the car or hate it. It’s about how it makes us feel about the car.

How important do you guys think is the X factor of a car? Should we start to write about that in our reviews? Please let us know. We will rate every new car we review on this scale. We are planning to call it ‘AnimaMoto’ Scale. (Anima is Soul in Italian and we all know Italian cars have the most character). This scale will be from 1 – 10. 10 being the highest – A car with so much soul that it’s running for the next Pope. 1 being so deary that it will make even Daniel Ricciardo lose this smile.

We want our members to give us that rating as well.

I will be making a list of cars in 2016 but for now, let’s do it for cars being launched in 2017. Let’s Go!

1. Maruti Ignis. This car adds a youthful charm to Maruti’s line up of cars. Maruti is targeting the Millenials with this car. Maruti brought in Axwell to introduce this car to us. I first saw it at pre-launch event in Delhi and I must say, I was impressed. I liked it’s interiors, the front end and I did feel younger sitting in it. I haven’t driven it so would like Karan to add in and give this car the AnimaMoto Score. For me,

AnimaMoto Score – 6. It’s youthful, it does put in a smile in your face, you can customize it and so every time you drive your custom designed car, you know you are unique. It loses points for being a Maruti though. Maruti products are for sensible people who care for re-sale value and service costs. Basically an accountant’s car company.


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