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January 14, 2017 at 12:01 am #265533

Motorcycling in India has finally come of age. After decades of drooling over powerful metal available in foreign markets while riding piddly commuters themselves, the Indian bikers finally have a plethora of choices on their platter. Personally it’s been just over a decade that I took my first step towards motorcycling, started building my skills logging kilometers at a breakneck pace.

The upgrades back then would rotate around ridiculously limited options with the cubic capacity of available motorcycles resembling the volume of a cutting chai. The riding junta back then used to salivate at something as ordinary as the Pulsar 180, or Karizma – there really were no alternatives even if you had some money in your pocket to spare.

Much has changed though, and the sheer variety of bikes available today has those with money in dilemma about which option to go for. The demand has been escalating on the displacement chart with even new riders opting for a higher capacity performance motorcycles, and it was just a matter of time before relatively affordable screaming inline fours made their entry into the Indian market.

Ask any motorcyclist about his choice of an engine type for his motorcycle, and more often than not the answer would be an inline four. Quite justifiably so too, as nothing manages to turn heads as much as the scream of an i4 flying past.

Click here to read the full travelogue and view all the images.

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