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July 6, 2017 at 3:30 pm #288217

Hello Everyone,

My name is Clinton. I’m from Vasai, a small town near Mumbai.

This is my first post here in Motoroids so please do pardon my ignorance if I make mistakes in the post.

I have recently purchased a pre-owned 2013 model Suzuki GS150R [My first motorcycle] and post a thorough service, did a 400km ride last weekend covering Igatpuri – Khodala – Jawhar – Vikramghad – Manor, a thrilling experience riding this motorcycle in the torrential rains.

I am truly enjoying the GS and every single day, the experience only gets better.

However, I did have a few thoughts in regards with the electricals as I ran into issues during the trip like bad visibility due to rain + fog and hence I would like your suggestions in regards with lighting upgrade for her.

She is currently running majorly on AC powering a 35/35W HS1 halonix headlamp, 5W x 2 Pilot lamps + the LED console and the self start and other unknown electrical circuitry drawing power from the 12v 7AH battery.

However, it does have two dedicated DC lines, one  for the 2 horns and other for the turn indicators (10W x 4) drawing roughly about 40W .

I’m yet to experiment with HIDs and full DC conversion and so have picked the LED alternative for now.

Here’s what I have in mind.

Considering the turn indicators[halogen] and rear lamp[LED] currently are DC powered, the totally power drawn is ~ 45W from the 12v battery.
What if I replace the halogen turn indicators with LEDs (2W x 4) + have 18W LED H4 Headlamp,  primarily for a short range (lower), say ~10 – 15FT with two 1W pilot LEDs[for go knows why] and lastly two Auxiliary 10W LEDs to assist the Headlamp as an High Beam (Upper) for upto 25FT lighting.

The Auxiliary lights would be fixed on the Crash guard besides the Horn sharing the Same DC line.

To summarize,
– section of the DC line for front turn indicators would power the LED Headlamp[18w] + LED Pilots[2w] + LED turn indicators[2w] = 24W
– section of the same DC line for the rear indicators ( and the rear lamp) would power the rear LED[~5w] + rear LED indictors[2w] = ~7W
– the DC line that powers the Horn would power two Auxiliary 10W LEDs = 20W

That’s a total of 51W, a good 6W higher drawn that the current setup.

The only instance where I see this straining the battery would be during the highway rides where at one point 51W would be drawn from the battery.

My question is would this overload the battery or an I underestimating this electrical logic here ?

Your advice, criticism and suggestions are most welcome.



September 16, 2017 at 7:18 pm #297810

Hi Clinton,

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