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January 13, 2017 at 4:25 pm #265470

In the previous installments of this informative series about lubes, we have covered a whole variety of topics, including the viscosity grades, synthetic engine oils and their advantages, engine oils for scooters, commuter bikes and many more.

This time we will talk about the requirements of a very important segment of the Indian biker community – one that comprises ‘Bulleteers’. Royal Enfield, the oldest surviving motorcycle brand in the world, is every Indian’s pride and the owners of the brand wear their passion for their motorcycles on their sleeves.

Typically hi-precision products like high-end, performance oriented Japanese or German motorcycles have something known as lower ‘tolerances’. On the other hand, engines with an old design have higher tolerances. Low tolerance, and high precision means that there is lesser scope for an erroneous variation in a standard specification. Higher tolerances, in engineering terms, allow for a relatively wider variation in the specification of a product.

RE motorcycles have relatively higher tolerances, which mean that the moving parts are allowed a wider margin for error. This, in turn, means that there is a higher possibility for the engine oil or other fluids to find their way through the seals, especially at higher temperatures when the viscosity of the engine is relatively low. Let’s be honest, we have all heard the adage – Bullets mark their territories by leaking oil.

Thus, the viscosity, or the resistance of a fluid for flowing, should be relatively higher for engine oils used for the RE Bullet. The thicker the oil the lesser the chance of it leaking – especially in the case of the Bullet. Having said that, the molecular structure of the oil should still be uniform and it should perform well across a wide range of temperatures.

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