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November 26, 2021 at 7:02 am #393487

Buying a used car is always worthwhile. However, it does require proper inspection.

“But… How can I inspect a car? I’m not a mechanic.” you might be thinking!

Well, you never need to! All you need to do is consider a few important points while choosing an accident-free used car as mentioned below:

  • You must check the car’s condition!

You must ensure that the car’s interior design, seats, steering wheel, etc., are in good condition. The car might seem well at first glance but never trust that. Give your eyes a bit of exercise and have a 360 look at the vehicle. There might be some leaks, corrosion, or cracked tubes. You must use electronic items such as a music system, monitor, etc., and ascertain its functionality.

  • Feel the car – Take a ride!

Mere observation is not enough to make a purchase decision. You must test drive the car in different conditions to confirm its performance. If the specifications differ from actual performance, there may be some issues. You must check if the engine is working well, is it producing more sound, check if the gear shift is working fine. Talk to the owner about its mileage history, and compare it with the results you obtained while driving and analyzing the vehicle. Feel the overall driving experience, seat comfortability, etc., and discuss it with the owner.

  • A glance at the Maintainance history is essential!

Discuss with the owner the duration after which the car needs to visit the service center. You must ensure that you acquire more and more information related to the vehicle. Ask the owner if any part of the car has been replaced or needs replacement. Try to get maintenance records if the owner has maintained them. That would make the job easier for you.

  • Don’t ever miss any of these documents-

Sometimes documents describe a lot of things that mere observation cannot. You must analyze every document thoroughly and make sure of its authenticity and originality. Registration Certificate (RC), Original purchase invoice, insurance papers, road tax receipt, and pollution certificate are essential too.

  • You must weigh your pocket!

Make sure you plan how much amount you can spend on the car. The car might require some parts to be changed or some modifications to match your likings. If you think expenses are racing the budget limit, you must think about dropping that key there.

You are free to choose any source for your car, but It is advisable to look for a trustworthy, experienced and professional car dealer. To recommend a good place for buying a car, many believe and trust car galaxy thane. Their 20+ years of loyal and quality services, olx autos franchise, and expert staff make them the preferred choice for dealing in cars.

Hurray!, you are all set to inspect a car, arrive at the correct decision, and plan a trip to enjoy your weekend with your loved ones.

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