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January 14, 2017 at 9:22 pm #265715

Not long ago, goose bumps came as statutory company when race-tracks around the world were being enamored by the V8 chorus that F1 cars so laboriously emitted. To a slight dismay, things became aurally shallow when the shift to turbocharged V6 power was made. The stands and pits no longer echo with the banshee shrieks as slowly and steadily flat natured, less vibrant sounds fill the motorsport space.

Much of this downsizing can be attributed to the overall global environmental calamity that we are slowly sinking into. Big, lusty, naturally aspirated motors are disappearing slowly, to make way for smaller, force induced, tree hugging power plants that emit less poison in the air. Modern sports cars get the job of quality motoring done in a clinical manner, without feeling the need to noisily emote, like in the past.

With that, the definition of a fast car’s underpinnings are slowly taking a major overhaul, and something like BMW’s i8 electric hybrid sports car is leading that change. But thankfully, their M Division still knows how to celebrate internal combustion, and the wraps were off from the new M3 and M4 twins last year, which follow M’s philosophy of sports cars that claim to have you grinning from ear to ear on the track, and still drop your kids to school without any fret. Yet, with lesser endowed but strong, turbo-charged engines, they herald a new era for M cars.

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