This is what the US of A wants to replace the Humvee with!

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So, you thought the Humvee was the ultimate machine you could park in your garage to go anywhere as and when you wish? The Us of A doesn’t concur with you anymore. The good old Humvee seems to be in for a replacement. If some reports are to be believed, the Humvee will soon be replaced with the L-ATV, a light combat all-terrain machine built by the good blokes at Oshkosh Defense.

The Humvee was quite a sucker for fuel, just like all old American vehicles. The good news is, the L-ATV won’t tread the paths of the Humvee in terms of fuel consumption. The L-ATV will go the whole-hog in terms of technology being powered by a diesel-electric hybrid, trying to make even the last drop of fuel available in its tank push it a few more meters. The fact that it’s a diesel, should only help its off-roading capabilities thanks to the gargantuan torque it’ll produce. Expect the world’s most powerful defense services to have nothing but the best on this planet for a go-anywhere capability. A re-inforced shell, capability to thwart landmine dangers and artillery attacks is a given. Add to that unmatched 4×4 capabilities and a suspension travel which is 25% more than the best US military vehicles in service, and you have a military machine which will be capable of taking on the worst terrains in the world.

Does it cut the mustard for you? Well, we don’t have any more pictures than the one you see here, nor do we have any more details. We do, however, feel that the good ol’ Humvee is a little too old in the tooth. Do let us know if you would approve this mean looking thing if you were Barack Obama to kick the backside of them bad terrorists. Get commentin’ people!

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