The Veyron has another rival: the 2013 Weber F1 Hypercar

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2013 Weber F1 hypercar

If the Koenigsegg Agera-R wasn’t enough to face off the Bugatti Veyron, here comes another. Meet the 2013 Weber F1 hypercar- a project founded by engineers from the former BMW and Sauber Petronas Formula 1 team. The team’s racing background is enough testimony that this is going to be a seriously fast car than just a concept on the spec-chart.

A 1200 bhp 5.6 litre V-10 mated to car that weighs just 1250 kgs (lighter than the Veyron by more than 600 kgs), expect this piece of engineering to deliver lightning speed statistics. 0-100 kph comes up in less 2.5 seconds, 0-200 in 6.6 seconds and the 0-300 dash in 16.2 seconds where in comparison the Veyron does similar sprints in 2.5, 7.3 and 16.8 seconds respectively. Both cars have top speeds in excess of 400 kph- but no guessing who’s going to hit the top quicker. If these figures didn’t impress much, Weber plans to plonk in a 1600 hybrid powerplant using F1 KERS technology.

A full carbon-fibre monocoque construction including the chassis, the car is equipped with a semi-automated 6 speed sequential gearbox powering the 20-inch alloy wheels with high performance Pirelli rubber by an all-wheel-drive system.

Pricing is available on request and though the car was originally showcased back in 2007 as a concept, the Weber F1 would finally be hitting the official launchpad next month.

Now there can’t be a better reason for Volkswagen to expedite the launch of the 1600 bhp ‘Super’ Veyron.

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