The New Volkswagen UP!

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Volkswagen UP!

The Volkswagen UP is the latest small car from the Volkswagen stable. Volkswagen boasts of the UP though being a small car, has a lot of cabin space. Minor design changes in the interiors give the UP a very roomy and spacious feel. The very first look is enough for you to assess the VW family lines and curves. It is needless to say that the UP is a stylish and better looking car than its competition.

The UP has a high roof-line and a very flush dash. In fact, it is so flush that there are no AC vents. It is all part of the car’s new design element. The AC vents are re positioned on the roof and by the looks of what Volkswagen says, the car does look spacious. The clean dash gives, a “big car” feel. The rear of the UP also looks clean. The tail-lamps are in line with the boot-lid. There are no odd looking ‘safe-locks’ inside the car. The door release lever which we pull to open the door has a concealed lock within it. Instead of pull, a small push locks the door. The high roof-line results in higher seats and therefore better under thigh support.Yes, all the fancy tweaks are in the European version, the Indian version could be a little tuned down for better pricing.

Volkswagen seems to have all its cards lined up and are ready the bring in the UP. It has all the Indian flavours in it like short bonnet, ground clearance, space, looks and so on . The only thing we are yet to see is the pricing. If Volkswagen could come up with an under 5lakhs price tag, the UP is sure to rule the segment.

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