The Hennessey Venom GT snatches the Veyron’s top speed crown at 427.60 kph

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hennessey venom gt top speed

Hennessey Performance Engineering announced that their street-legal offering- the Venom GT hit a top speed of 427.60 kph during a test run and in the process snatching away the top speed crown from the Bugatti Veyron. Though the non-production version of the Veyron Supersport has hit a higher speed at 430.98 kph, Bugatti restricts the production units to 258 mph (415.21 kph) making the Venom GT the fastest production car.

The sprint was conducted on a 2 mile long US Naval Airstation in Central California and it was said that the Venom GT ran out of road before running out of steam hinting at an even higher top whack. “While the 2.9 mile long runway is more than enough acceleration distance for a F/A-18 fighter jet, it was far too short for the Venom GT to reach it’s true top speed,” said Hennessey Performance CEO, Don Goldman. The run was validated by VBOX 3i GPS-based data logging systems and VBOX officials were present at the location to attest the figures. The car already holds a distinction of being the fastest from 0 – 300 kph in 13.63 seconds beating the Koenigsegg Agera R and earning a Guinness World Record entry.

Built on a modified Lotus Exige platform, the 1244 kgs Venom GT is powered by a twin turbo 7.0 litre engine producing 1244 bhp and 1566 nm of torque rendering a power to weight ratio of exactly 1bhp per kg. No wonder a 644 kgs advantage over the Veyron (1888 kgs) aids the GT to hit these speeds. Such nerve racking figures doesn’t mean the Venom GT is a barebone performer. In fact it comes with leather seats, air conditioning, a high end music system etc.

Hennessey would produce only 29 units of the Venom GT and one-third has already been sold out. You may have your own Venom GT at a modest US$ 1.2 million excluding shipping and customizations extra. You will be losing half a year’s of sleep from your order date considering the car takes 6 months for completion.

Have a look at the sprint:

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  • Rahul Nargundkar says:

    The power to weight advantage that this has over Veyron is the reason, Veyron is a technical exercise to prove how good a car can be with current technology i.e. speed along with all the modern comforts and ease, not to mention reliability (this car is built to last).. Where as this is an out and out exercise to prove what are the numbers a car can achieve..

  • Yes- blokes at VW can be happy with their record, but would have been better if they offered the Supersport in similar configuration which set the record. Also the Veyron was put through the paces on a 5.6 mile straight VW track- the Venom got half the distance to do it! Now only if VW could dare invite Hennessey and the Venom to their private track 😉

  • Rahul Nargundkar says:

    I guess the speed title will remain with Veyron as for now with 267 being the number achieved officially (run in both directions).. But this could vey well beat that..
    But I doubt the Germans will be very pleased, might come up with another Veyron with even more power and even higher top speed..