Telsa Model S spotted undergoing cold weather testing

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Popular performance electric car manufacturer Tesla is not far from introducing the world to its five door sedan- the Tesla Model S. A couple of days ago, we talked in detail about the upcoming prodcut from Tesla. Now, the Model S has been recently spotted undergoing cold winter tests that further consolidates our belief that this sedan’s launch is just around the corner.

People who had booked the Model S Signature Series have been asked to send their choice of specifications as the car offers a wide variety of customizing options.

The interiors time of the Tesla Model S is being offered with three colours – Piano Black, Lacewood and Banana Leaf. Wireless Internet connectivity is an option and the car will be personally delivered by the manufacturer to the location of the customer’s choice.

Model S is the second car to wear the Tesla badge, the first being the famous Roadster. The Model S will come with a price tag of $57,400 for the model with 160-mile single-charge range. 300-mile single-charge range version will sport a price tag of $77,000. Tesla hopes to sell 5000 units of Model S this year. The manufacturer has sold only 2,100 units of the Roadsters in the past four years. It will be interesting to see if 5 doors and a roof can do wonders with the sales figures.

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