TecknoSim Bus Driving Simulator comes to Mumbai

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Various studies have shown that more than 2.83 lakh road accidents have occurred in Mumbai over the last 10 years. Those driving cars, motorcycles, buses, lorries, dumpers and tempos top the list of drivers involved in accidents. H

owever very little has been done on setting standards & imparting training to heavy vehicle drivers from time to time.

Tecknotrove Systems a renowned name in providing driver training solutions & developing driving simulators has designed a first of its kind Bus Driving Simulator . TecknoSIm Bus simulator has been installed at WIAA which aims at training & testing school bus and tourist bus drivers . The simulator will be used for training novice drivers as well as refresher training to experienced drivers for a minimum of five weeks before actually allowing him to drive a vehicle.

TecknoSIm Bus Simulator will be inaugurated at the Road Safety Week in Mumbai by Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan.

The simulator comes equipped with a video projector above its hood that displays the nature of roads and other conditions like turnings, steep curves, traffic signals, wet roads, obstructions — people and animals, bumps, potholes, dense vehicular traffic among others. The simulator is aimed at training drivers on traffic rules, Safe driving techniques, defensive driving during day and night ,Low visibility driving & Alcohol Impaired driving. The driver’s driving skill will be screened under these circumstances automatically by the simulator and a printed report will be provided to drivers to certify their driving skills levels.

Benefit that the bus fleet owners can avail of from this simulator

It Provides an international quality driver training to drivers
It can train novices on safe driving skills
It will reduce losses dues to accidents
It will Improve safety standards
Show dangers of alcohol impaired driving


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