Tata Nano now comes with Rs.20,000-25,000 Exchange Bonus

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Back when the plans of Tata developing a Nano were out, we were quite surprised by the Rs.1 lakh base price. Many had joked about the car being a 3 wheeler. Finally, the car was unveiled and the whole world looked up and took notice. Today, the base Nano retails for an amount that is considerably more than the Rs.1 lakh figure. Many argue that going for a sparingly used Maruti Alto is a much better deal than buying a Tata Nano. This all ultimately boils down to the fact that Nano can surely do with some price cuts. Now, the popular Indian manufacturer is offering Nano buyers an exchange bonus of Rs.25,000 on exchanging a 4 wheeler and Rs. 20,00 on a 2 wheeler. This discount is in addition to the resale value of the exchanged vehicle.

For a car that sells for about Rs. 1.5 lakhs, a discount of Rs.20000-25000 is quite a good deal and should help many first car buyers who own a two wheeler.

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  • Abhisek says:

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