Tata Nano heads to Bangladesh

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After driving its way to neighboring countries of Sri Lanka and Nepal, the small wonder Tata Nano now heads to Bangladesh. Nitol Group  has been appointed as the Bangladeshi distributor of the car and the firm recently addressed the local media to explain its plans. It was told that the first lot of 200 Tata Nano compact cars will arrive at Bangladesh in February. Tata plans to sell 2,000 cars a year and the popular Indian manufacture is targeting the lower-middle income groups residing in and around Dhaka.

The distributor hopes to see the small car gain a lot of popularity and plans to start selling as many as 12,000 units a year in about four years of operation. In future, Tata will be seen bringing the costs down through local assembly. However, the decision of setting up an assembly line is pending as the nation’s response to the car can be verified only after it has been launched.

Nano will start retailing at Rs.4.08 lakh (650k Taka). We expect the car to reach Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia sooner than later.

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