Tata Nano Diesel Spotted Again

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Amidst hundreds of speculations and a lot of waiting, the Tata Nano Diesel continues getting spotted every now and then. This time around, the credit for catching a Tata Nano diesel test mule goes to the good guys at OnCars and what we have here are a couple of spy images of the Tata Nano diesel.

Powering the Tata Nano Diesel is an 800cc, twin cylinder common rail turbo diesel engine that is being expected to have a stellar fuel economy figure of 35 Kmpl+.

Visual changes include new bumpers and slightly refreshed interiors.

A diesel variant this fuel efficient should make Nano as cheap to run as a 150-180cc motorcycle. It may be noted that the Tata Nano hasn’t done half as good as Tata was expecting it to and much of it can be attributed to ‘fire catching’ incidents and poor marketing. Now that the technical glitches have been taken care of and a lesson has been learnt, Tata is harbouring big hopes with the Nano diesel.


The Tata Nano diesel will cost less than INR 3 lakhs and at that price, will be a rather interesting rival to the Maruti Suzuki Alto 800.

A sufficiently powerful engine, unbelievable fuel economy and good cabin space. All seemed good till the news of deregulation of diesel prices emerged. It may be noted that the prices of the stickier fuel have already been partially deregulated and it is being said that the diesel price will shoot up by almost 20% by 2014. This is something that the boffins at Tata Motors must be worried about.  It remains to be seen how well they manage to position the Nano diesel such that its a lucrative deal for the customers as well as their accountants.

What do you say? Will you buy the Tata Nano Diesel over Maruti Alto 800 even when diesel prices shoot up by almost INR 10?



Spyshots courtesy OnCars

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  • sharath says:

    well said Inder, its the cutest car available today….look at those maruti 800,alto,alto 800….i never felt getting on into alto or alto 800…

  • Inder says:

    "terrible to look at"? I think its one of the cutest cars available today!

  • And you said it. Tata initially marketed it as a the ‘car for the two wheeler owners’ . indirectly aimed at those who cant own a car. . the initial comments from top Tata officials said it would be a ‘1 lakh ki gaadi’ . . . do you feel it was the best way to market it? Would u want to be seen in ‘gareebo ki gaadi?’

  • abhishek says:

    Did you say poor marketing? All I heard for two years was Nano talk and Nano everything all the time. Finally it was a cheap made to price product and was terrible to look at hence, it did badly.It was definitely was not poor marketing. It isn't even that cheap to run. The diesel variant though might change things if it gives that kind of fuel economy.