Tata Motors is also upgrading cables of the Nano cars being recalled for replacing the starter motor

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Only yesterday, we had talked about Tata Motors recalling as many as 140000 Nano compact cars for replacing the starter motor provided in them. We spoke about how Tata denied calling this exercise a ‘recall’ and labelled it as ‘replacement exercise’ being done to make the car perform even better. Now, it won’t be surprising if the deed is being done because of more than half a dozen incidents of the engine compartment of the car catching fire.

Today, we bring to you the information that the starter motor is not all that is being replaced by the manufacturer.The alternator and the accelerator cable of the car have shown many incidences of failure. This has lead to cases of Nanos being stranded in the middle of nowhere. The problem of snapping of the Nano’s accelerator cable is quite common.  These cables are being replaced by the manufacturer to improve the reliability of the car.

The 2012 Tata Nano comes factory fitted with upgraded started motor and cables and this upgrade sure makes the latest edition of the car much more trustworthy than the initial versions. This all appears to be an experience of  deja vu to us. Remember the Indica and Indica V2?

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