Tata Aria gets a discount of INR 1.42 lakhs. Nano of INR 45k

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It is no secret that Indian commercial and passenger vehicles manufacturer Tata Motors isn’t going through the best of the phases. We recently saw Tata Motors being overtaken by Mahidnra & Mahindra on Indian car sales charts and tales of dismal performance by models such as the Aria has been abounding the web world.

With the exception of the upcoming Tata Nano diesel variant, none of the cars from Tata seem to be potent enough to pull the manufacturer out of the troubled waters.

It seems like Tata recognizes that it needs to take drastic steps to put an end to the spell of low sales and has come up with mouth-watering discounts and offers for almost all the cars in its line up.

The Aria crossover gets a discount of whopping INR 1.42 lakhs. The eternally dated Sumo Gold gets INR 43,500 off and the recently launched Safari Storme gets INR 25000 shelved off its sticker price.

Following is the list of discounts being offered by Tata Motors-

Tata Aria: Rs 1.42 Lakh

Tata Vista: Rs 53,000

Tata Indigo eCS: Rs 48,000

Tata Nano: Rs 45,000

Tata Indica eV2: Rs 45,000

Tata Sumo Gold: Rs 43,500

Tata Manza: Rs 30,000

Tata Safari Storme: Rs 25,000

It is really interesting to see that the Tata Nano, the top end variant of which has an on road price of approx. INR 2.5 lakhs, gets a discount of INR 45000. These discounts are available till 20th June. However, ‘unofficial discounts’ at dealer end are likely to continue till the launch of the upcoming facelift models, which have been spied on numerous occasions.

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