TAFE to work with 7 Sisters of Northeast to improve farm output

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India’s 2nd largest tractor maker TAFE – Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited – has expressed the desire to work with the north-eastern states to improve agricultural output and increase job opportunities for the region’s youth.

TAFE has showcased at the North East Farm &Food Tech 2013, a wide range of tested and trusted tractors and farm machinery that can contribute immensely towards the enhancement of agricultural produce.

With over 50 years of experience in the agricultural machinery business, TAFE has designed, developed, manufactured and sold farm machinery to meet every farm need in India and overseas, and is widely acclaimed for its ‘Lab-to-Farm’ initiatives at the company’s adaptive research at the 200 acre farm in Chennai for farm produce and tea cultivation at its plantations in the Nilgiris.

Mr. T.R. Kesavan, Chief Operating Officer, Product Strategy and Corporate Relations at TAFE said, “Mechanization will bring about a transformation in the rural landscape of the North-East and has a great potential to improve its productivity standards. The agricultural productivity in the North Eastern states has been lower than that in other states in India because of a number of reasons, chief being the low levels of mechanisation in the area.”

“We at TAFE have always worked at ensuring that we offer our customers farm mechanisation solutions that are relevant and cost effective. With this in mind we have on offer today a range of equipment that will meet the needs of farmers in the North East, whether they are large or small. But merely offering farm machinery would not serve the purpose,” Mr.Kesavan said.

TAFE is keen to offer the farming community of the North East a comprehensive and integrated solution comprising of tractors, farm machinery, training and farm practices that would over the years, increase their productivity, and open up employment opportunities in rural areas.

“Such an exercise cannot be carried out by a private endeavour, but needs the support and partnership of the Departments of Agriculture at the Central and State levels, as well as the leading agricultural research institutes in these states. We are confident that with this approach, the North Eastern states will be able to improve farm productivity significantly, while also opening up new employment opportunities, as a result of improved rural economies,” he added.

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