Swift and Wagon R bag I-mark 2012 at country’s first `India Design Mark’

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Car market leader Maruti Suzuki’s bestsellers Swift and Wagon R have won the India Design Mark(I-mark) for 2012. This is an important achievement for the company designers as it recognizes products that are designed well, trustworthy, reliable, value for money and manufactured in a responsible manner. The jury for the India Design Mark comprised leading design experts and senior faculty members of India’s leading design institutes.

This is the first edition of the India Design Markand Maruti Suzuki WagonR and Swift are the only 4 wheelers to be accorded the I-mark.In the opening year, the I-mark has been awarded to 31 products across various categories.

Complimenting Maruti Suzuki’s design team, Mr. IV Rao, Chief Operating Officer (Engineering) says, “The India Design Mark certificate to Wagon R and Swift demonstrates high design capabilities of the design teams of Maruti Suzuki India and Suzuki Motor Corporation Japan.It brings out the maturity and evolution in car designing especially after the Swift launch in 2005. We strongly believe that a good design is the first step to customer engagement. Stepping up our efforts, Maruti Suzuki designers are now working on designing global models alongwiththeir Japanese counterparts, as part of SMC’s global design team,

Incidentally, India Design Mark is a design standard. Only the finest designs across industries and categories are awarded the I-mark after multiple levels of diligent evaluation.

Initiated by the India Design Council in cooperation with Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP), India Design Mark has clear objectives including:

  • Serve as a reference for purchase decision as it signifies good design not only in terms of how good the product looks, but also the product quality, functionality, quality, usability and social responsibility
  • Communicate the inherent value proposition of the product and hence act as a brand extension for the product
  • Increase design awareness and promote value of design in the industry and society by promoting India Design Mark granted designs through exhibitions, publications and press, thereby raising the demand for good design from users and manufacturers
  • Promote an industrial value system, which has regard for reducing waste, being eco-friendly, produce sustainable products; produce products that are reusable, repairable and recyclable
  • Augment the competitiveness of Indian industrial output for domestic consumption and exports
  • Overall improve the quality of life by encouraging good design

More info on the I-mark can be found at their website- https://www.indiadesignmark.in

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    that hood jus threw out the looks of the car.. n 4500 nm of torque..?? that's like 4 veyron's.. i am guessin it is 450 though..