Swift & Dzire out of stock. Bookings continue

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Only yesterday, we reported that Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. is having about 120000 pending bookings for the high selling Swift and Dzire sibling. Now, it has emerged that Maruti Suzuki has run out of stock of these two models. This owes to the Manesar plant, where the popular cars are produced, being shut down owing to violence last week.

However, the car maker hasn’t stopped bookings for the Swift siblings. “We do not have any stock of Swift and DZire at our factory. About 10,000 cars of both the models are on transit and that is the inventory at present.  Our booking is going on and we will not stop it. We have informed the dealers and customers about the situation. We tell the customers that this is the current situation (about the production at Manesar) and if even after that, they want to book the car, then it shows the strength of the two brands.” Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) Chief Operating Officer (Marketing and Sales) Mayank Pareek told PTI.

As we reported yesterday, not even a single customer has cancelled the booking and this shows the confidence car buyers have in the largest selling car maker. “I would wait for and support Maruti till its back with the production,” said Aval Sethi, who has booked a Dzire. “I do not trust any other manufacturer. I have been with Maruti since my first car in the 80s. Loyalty means not running away in hard times.”

“During the strikes in last year also, we did not stop booking. Our rivals are still offering discounts to attract customers, but we are receiving huge response to our cars without any scheme even in our crisis period.” Pareek further added.  

On being asked how long it would take to clear the backlog, Pareek said: “Assuming that production starts today, it will take us 4-6 months to clear the backlog depending upon the variants.”

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