Suzuki Italy unveils the Swift Lupin. The next Italian Job vehicle?

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Frankly, I have lost count of the Suzuki Swift special editions that I have seen. Generally, I am not the one who can be fooled by these ‘special’ cars that carry some additional and ‘not so important’ features and pretend to be unique. However, this is one Special edition Swift that has set me excited. Call it weird, call it stupid, call it surprising or call it all of the above, I find the idea of dedicating a Swift to Lupin III is really fascinating. Now, those who do not know, Lupin III is one of the world’s greatest thieves.

Wait, before you call me or the folks at Suzuki a fool, let me tell you that Lupin III is from an anime series by the same name. Lead character and the leader of a gang of thieves is Arsène Lupin III, world’s greatest thief.Powering the ‘getaway’ car is either a 4-cylinder, 1.2-liter engine or a 1.3-liter diesel. The special edition comes only in ‘Passion Red’. The door handles and fog lights housing get chrome garnishing. 

Now the super ironic stuff- This car comes with a ten-year insurance policy that will protect the Swift against theft, robbery, and fire. 

I have always felt that Swift won’t look to bad as a getaway vehicle for robbers. So is it the next Italian Job car?



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