Supreme Court to ban usage of sun films on cars

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In a recent development, Supreme Court has passed out a ruling to ban any any and every kind of sun film on cars.  The law will come into effect once govt. passes a law to implement this ruling.

“We prohibit the use of black films of any VLT (Visual Light Transmission) percentage or any other material upon the safety glasses, windscreens and side glasses of all vehicles throughout the country.” — SC Verdict

It may be noted that some of the states have not banned the usage of these films and cars can be seen with dark tinted (aka Jet black) greenhouses. It will be interesting to see how fast and well this new ruling will be implied as a law. 

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  • Lakshminarasimha says:

    I don't know whether the honourable judges of supreme court took environment, the effects of 100% light passing through glasses on the health of people and the effects of this ruling in long run into cosideration.If all the above things proved to be correct they may take back their wise ruling.Let us hope for something good happen.Ofcourse all the VVIPs,VIPs including our judges may be excluded from this ruling.

  • sam says:

    Its easy for people to sit in an A.C. room and pass judgements.

    Has any minister or govt. servant removed the film from the car glasses. What about the judges who passed this idiot judgement, have they removed the films from their cars? Or they come by bicycles to court?

    This country is going to dogs and donkeys, its time we act and save our country.

    SUCH A STUPID RULING AND TOTALLY UNNECESSARY. Every citizens privacy has been hampered miserably!