Superbike ownership experiences in India: Arpan Divanjee talks about his Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade

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Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade (3)

Continuing further with our feature on Superbike Ownership experiences in India, this time we feature Arpan Divanjee and his Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade. Arpan works as a Senior Manager (Marketing) at, Bangalore and has been a prodigious tourer on his earlier bikes before graduating to the big one. He shares a few insights about his ownership with the big Honda.

Arpan Divanjee

When did you buy the Fireblade?
Bought it in April 2012.

Which bike did you own prior to the Fireblade?
My previous superbike was a CBR600. Bought it in March 2011 and rode it for a year. Did California Superbike School on it, Also did a Bombay-Goa ride! Other bikes that I have owned include Pulsar 150, Bullet 350 & Pulsar 220.

Honda CBR600

Which other bikes do you own apart from the Fireblade?
I also have a Pulsar 180 which is used for Sunday rides etc and also for touring.

Why only the Fireblade? Did you consider some other bike while making a purchase decision?
Plan was to upgrade to a litre class bike for the sheer joy of motorcycling. CBR 1000RR has smooth power delivery, is a well behaved bike. Of course the Honda badge adds value in terms of spares, service support etc.

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What is the best part you like about your bike?
The amount of technology that is a part of the bike is phenomenal, whether it’s the electronic steering damper, the C-ABS unit or the slipper clutch, all of these make your ride a much better experience at the same time, unlike say a VFR, it doesn’t negate rider inputs. As with any SBK, there is far more power than we would ever need.

And the worse part?
The fuel tank capacity/ range is limited, even though it’s better than the CBR600, maybe a few more litres would have been better from my perspective.

Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade (4)

What has been your longest ride?
On the CBR600, it was the Bombay-Goa ride, will be doing Bombay- Bangalore on the CBR1000RR very soon!

How has been the after sales experience?
Fantastic! Mr. Sagar from Honda ensures that all services are done on time and any parts required during routine services are always in stock.

How much on average do you spend on service including consumables?
About 7-9K. Including oils etc. brakes and tyres are other major expenses.

Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade

Any independent service centre/ mechanic you would recommend?
Would recommend Zubin Ponnappa (Zubin Design) for his attention to detail and years of experience in servicing superbikes, he specializes in graphics and paint jobs as well.

Where do you source the spares from?
All parts are sourced from Honda itself.

What modifications have you done to the bike? What difference has it made?
I have a Jardine Exhaust, K&N Filter, Crash bobbins/Frame sliders, Zero G windscreen, Foldable clutch and brake levers and some other misc parts. Most of the parts are sourced from Performance Racing Store in Mumbai.

Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade (1)

What makes up your riding gear?
Multiple riding jackets (Mesh/Textile), Riding Pants, Leather gloves, Riding boots, Knee, Hip guards and back protector, I also have a 2 piece leather riding suit. I strongly believe in ATGAT (All the gear. All the time)

Have you ever faced issues from cops since lot of bikes out there are grey imports and inappropriately documented?
None whatsoever.

What would be your next bike?
Would probably be a BMW R1200R.

Any pointers on parking in public places?
Try and avoid parking on the road, malls/restaurants are fine, just make sure there is a security guard around, be nice, they will take care of your bike.

Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade (5)

What tips would you give to prospective superbike owners?
I would suggest that apart from the actual bike, please invest in PROPER RIDING GEAR, it’s far cheaper than paying medical bills. Also, do attend schools such as CSS / TWO for sharpening your riding skills. Remember, things move WAY FASTER at 150kmph then at 100 kmph!

And finally the question that we Indians love so much.. ‘kitna deti hai’? 😉
On a relaxed Sunday ride I have even managed to get 22+ kmpl cruising on NH-8, otherwise it’s mostly around 17-18kmpl.

Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade (6)

Our thanks to Arpan for sharing with us his experience of the Fireblade and wish him unprecedented miles of togetherness with his steed and hope BMW R1200R arrives very soon.

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  • yash says:

    hi Arpan
    had a look at ur bike experience
    intrested in purchasing one superbike
    as of now looking at honda cbr 1000 or kawasaki
    getting few in second hands also
    Any suggestions for not going to second hand
    Any thing specifically to check for second hand
    Would be of gr8 help if u respond

  • VIJAY says:

    Hi Arpan,

    Where exactly do you feel the difference between CBR600R & CBR1000RR? Is it really worth upgrading to a litre bike from 600 CC? May we Indians able to use a litre’s bike capability on Indian Roads or on few Tracks available in some cities?
    Kindly do not mind my questions, if you have felt any offence.


  • Arpan Divanjee says:

    Hey ken 🙂
    Yup, I understand where you coming from, cities where honda doesnt have a “wing world” would have patchy service coverage. BTW since i will be in blr now, found out that honda’s outstation policy is that they would send a mech over to service the bike!

    – Arpan

  • Hey Arpan,
    Nice answers. I am glad that you get good aftersales with Honda. I have known people in various cities, notably Calcutta where people have had a lot of trouble maintaining their Sbks (Honda).
    Best Regards,