Steelbird launches a new Helmet with cooling effect

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Steelbird Helmets has designed a helmet which is perfect for summer and keeps the rider’s head cool. The helmet has been designed with a provision of on top ventilation with a small shutter. The helmet is an open face helmet and is known as SB-29 Two Tone. The name Two Tone is because of the 2 colour combination, which gives the helmet a stylish look.

The SB-29 is designed stylishly and the helmet offers maximum protection without sacrificing on the style. Built of high-impact ABS and thick EPS to absorb any impact during an accident, the helmet is lightweight yet sturdy. Its open-face design along with an innovative shutter that can be opened for in-flow of air.

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Its polycarbonate anti-scratch coated visor protects the rider from dust and smoke, without obstructing vision. The visor’s special coating also makes it easier for riders to wear it during night as it helps block the excessive incoming light from other vehicles and gives a clear view of the road. Also, the visor mechanism on the helmet has a screw-free design and opens/closes in a smooth motion. As no metal parts are used in the visor mechanism, it is 100% safe from rust, giving it a longer life.

SB-29 helmet has washable and replaceable interiors, which makes it easy to clean and change the interiors in case of wear and tear damage. The European team behind the helmet’s design have also integrated a designer chinstrap with a standard Micro-Metric buckle, which ensures a comfortable fit. Moreover, the buckle can also be opened and locked without having to take off the gloves.

Priced at Rs 1,349, the helmet has an attractive matte finish and is available in colours including Red, Black, Honda Grey /Black and so on.


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