SPOTTED: The 40 kmpl car – Tata Nano Diesel

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News keeps pouring of people spotting a diesel Nano under testing around Pune and as if the excitement was already not huge, we stumble upon this piece of info that talks about an astonishing mileage of 40 kmpl from the oil burner version of this super compact. Yeah, you read it correct, a mileage figure of 40 kilometers per liter!! Anything like this is sure to easily be the ultimate answer to the ‘average kitna hai?’ factor our market is famous for. Come to think of it, the Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi that is in use by me these days hardly touches 40 kmpl. What further makes the deal sweeter is the fact that diesel is almost 33% cheaper to buy than petrol. So basically, you get a car that is cheaper to run than a bike and on doing some basic mathematics, the running cost will turn out to be very close to merely being 1 Rs./ kilometer. The powerplant is a a 700cc and 2 cylinder in configuration and coupled with the 15 liter fuel tank, Nano should a range of about 600 kms. Now, the source of this exciting news:

We have worked with Tata Motors for Nano’s petrol version and we are working with it for the diesel version too. The car has a two-cylinder, 700cc engine which develops healthy power without compromising on fuel economy. Although official test figures have not been revealed, we expect it to run 40 km on one litre of diesel,” a Bosch India executive working on the Nano diesel project, said.

Now, Nano might not reward it’s user with 40km/l on a regular basis but we expect it to be quite close to the proclaimed figure.If this cannot give a boost to Nano’s sales, we do not know what can.

Recently, images of a Tata Nano diesel being tested on roads have surfaced again on internet. It is being said that Tata is reworking the front and rear bumpers and an intercooler or radiator might end up at the front. The people who spotted this car also state that the exhaust pipe was seen emerging on the right side of the rear instead of the central position seen on the Nano on sale currently.



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