SPIED: All new Hyundai Elantra. Launch in August

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I know some of my friends will kill me on reading this, but I have to accept that I absolutely love the way the new Elantra looks. Gone are the days when Hyundai used to come up with some really hideous car designs and I used to make fun of these Korean cars. The car has to be among the best looking mid sizers in the world and is undoubtedly the best looking Hyundai ever. Hyundai’s design language- Fluidic Sculpture is surely at its best on this car. Now that we have the fluidic Sonata and the i-gen i20 in the country, it is about time we get to see the stunning new Elantra on our roads. And this is absolutely what Hyundai India thinks as the new Elantra will be launched as soon as in August this yea.r

I am one of the very few who will buy this car regardless of the engine capability. Who cares about the speed when you can look stunning even when at stand still. Anyway, if you really want to know about the power of this car, well, the new Elantra is powered by a 1.8 liter 147bhp gasoline motor and we will also get a 1.8 liter diesel motor. Expect the price to be in the range of Rs 9-13 lakh. We have a gut-feel that Hyundai will try to price this car very aggressively, as the company management on occasions more than one, have hinted that they will localize components and produce it in their Chennai facility to reduce costs.

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