SPIED: 1 series from M division-M135i

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Just a couple of days earlier, we brought to you the news of not one, but three new M series Bimmers that sported a tri-turbo diesel heart(!!). Some 30 mins ago, we talked about a 4 door 6 series from M division and it feels like the guys at the M division are doing overtime at work. Now, we have the news of a souped up 1 series.

Now, the most potent 1-Series hatch we knew was the 218 bhp 2.0-liter turbocharged 125i with a top whack of 245 kmph. Now, as per our reliable sources, the M Performance version of the 1-Series 5d will be called the M135i and will share the N55 3.0-liter twin turbo inline-six gasoline engine with very senior 640i(!!!). This simply translates into a guaranteed 320hp & 450Nm!

What no one seems to know (save for folks at BMW) is if the M version will sport a rear-wheel drive setup or will go for an all-wheel drive system (X drive). What we know is that mated to that highly potent powerplant will be a six speed manual or an optional 8-speed automatic transmission.

Safely expect the car to sport an upgraded suspension and brakes set up.

This Bimmer has some chances of making a debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.


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