Skoda to replace stolen car badges for free!

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Car badges have become more valuable since past couple of years. What with hundreds of these getting whacked every now and then? The situations is pretty similar around the country, be it Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, or. Chennai. Most of these thefts take place at night and of course, at unguarded parking. The situation is so bad that badges of Indian bikes like my Bajaj Pulsar 220 too are rapidly being pilfered. Car badges are something that are almost impossible to recover and cops too are helpless in this matter. The only solution is to buy a stolen badge at a fraction of cost and use it in place of the badge that went missing.

Now, Skoda, which have had a few ‘not so pleasant’ incidents with public, has decided to do something about this unfortunate trend and is offering free badges/logos to every Skoda owner who is a victim of this thievery. This means that the demand of these badges in the ‘chor bazaar’ will go down and this will reduce the thefts by a good margin. We expect other car makers to follow suit and we really appreciate Skoda Autos.


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