Skoda To Come Up With SUVs Positioned Below And Above Yeti

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Skoda Auto thinks of the SUV market as one of the more lucrative ones around. The company believes that SUVs can be sold uniformly in a lot of markets, and the segment has a higher emotional connect with its customers, making it a very interesting segment. According to Skoda’s top brass, making some new SUVs is the next logical step for the company.

Skoda currently makes the Yeti, which is doing rather well in all the market, but the company can expand into segments above and below the versatile 4×4.

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  • CMS says:

    I am planning to book Skoda Yeti during April 2013. Is Skoda planning to stop Yeti production and going to introduce new SUV model or will they continue selling the current model?

  • Prem Chand says:

    Yeti's size is almost akin to some of the current players in compact smaller than this is something interesting to see..bigger one is always welcome..