Skoda Superb facelift caught testing

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Skoda’s Superb has been ruling the D-segment ever since it arrived on the horizon. With an exceptionally long features list, exceptionally high legroom, exceptionally good interiors and an option of both petrol and diesel engines, the competition hasn’t quite been able to match up with the Superb’s virtues. It has, however been more than three years since the new Superb was launched internationally, and the car is now due for a mid-life facelift.

While the features, options and interiors of the car are contemporary enough and more than a match for its segment, the car requires some nip and tuck to keep its appeal intact. Skoda designers seem to have changed the front bumper, headlamps and a few other things to give the Superb a fresh looking face. Similar treatment has been given to the rear. The area between the front and rear fenders has been left untouched though, as evident from these spy pictures. The car may also get some tweaks to the interiors.

Superb facelift

The areas where the cosmetic changes have been made have been duly camouflaged. However, these still are the first ever images of the facelift to have hit the Internet. Have a look, and do let us know if you can make something of it.

Images: Worldcarfans


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